Job Description


Job Title: Health Promotion Officer
Accountable to: Executive Director
Responsible/Reports to: Sr. Manager, Health Administration
Staff Reporting: N/A
Coordinating Relationships: Marketing & Fund Development team, Manager – Medical Services; CPR Coordinator,  Business Development Officer Membership Relations Officer



Under the general management of the Senior Manager, Health Administration, the Health Promotion and Education Officer is responsible for organizing, coordinating, planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion and education programmes for the Heart Foundation.

To inform and create awareness of healthy lifestyles in order to prevent or reduce the incidence of heart disease and other related health issues.

Scope of Job

To work with selected schools in developing integrated programmes leading to an increased awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

To coordinate the administrative and health promotional activities of the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) and the National Resuscitation Council (NRC).

To arrange and conduct lectures and in-house presentations for patients and staff regarding healthy lifestyle practices – in particular related to avoiding the risks of heart disease. These presentations are to be made to companies, health workers, government and non-government agencies, Private Sector, community leaders, faith-based organizations and the general public.

To support the Marketing and Fund Development Department in their recognition of special health days, in liaison with the Senior Manager, Health Administration, by providing health promotional information as needed.



Schools Health Education Programme

  1. Plan and coordinate health education and promotion programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops
  2. Co-ordinate the Heart Foundation Schools Health Programme
  3. Identify and establish a relationship with other selected primary/all-age schools with a view to starting Healthy Heart Clubs in their schools and assisting the teacher coordinators to promote and incorporate heart healthy messages in their extracurricular activities subject to the capacity of the HFJ.


Health Promotion and Education

  1. Capitalize on opportunities to make presentations to community groups and company employees and health fairs island wide
  2. Conduct surveys to guide programme needs and identify strategies for intervention for clients
  3. Be guided by current research and evidence as well as international best practices in the related field.
  4. Design and develop health promotional materials and activities in particular for the JCTC, NRC and Schools Health Education Programme (liaising with the Marketing and Fund Development Manager)
  5. To assist in the development of health education literature at The Heart Foundation of
  6. Jamaica
  7. Represent the HFJ at relevant conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings
  8. Make recommendations to the Senior Manager and other members of the health services team on the implementation of health promotion strategies that are being considered
  9. Provide health promotional information to the MFD team as required, e.g. for the recognition of special Health days and Heart Month.


The Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control

  1. Schedule Board meetings; issue notices and agenda in respect of the NRC and the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control.
    1. Record, transcribe, prepare and dispatch Minutes of Boards meetings along with related reports
    2. Make preparations including arranging refreshments for JCTC board meetings as required including preparing PowerPoint presentations, following up with directors;
    3. To liaise with the Administrative Officer regarding the arrangement of schedules and transportation requirements


National Resuscitation Council of Jamaica

  1. Schedule Board meetings; issue notices and agenda in respect of the NRC
  2. Organize bi-annual Board meetings and the annual Open Forum;
  3. Arrange, prepare for, and attend meetings
  4. Record and prepare minutes and maintain files for the Council
  5. Maintain and update registry of certified trainers
  6. Pursue unregistered trainers and encourage registration;
  7. Update registration list and monthly circulate via e-mail to stakeholders
  8. Write proposals for funding
  9. Send out relevant information of ECC to the registered members in association with the Director for ECC, ED or the CPR Coordinator.



  1. Manage and administer the health education and promotion programme activities of the Heart Foundation (HFJ)
  2. Maintain inventory of health promotion/education equipment, stock of visuals as well as Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material
  3. Prepare monthly, quarterly, annual and special reports as required.
  4. Arrange and advise stakeholders of meeting arrangements as required
  5. Provide general administrative support for The JCTC and the NRC.


Other Duties

  1. To participate at all fundraising events put on by The HFJ regardless of the time/day they are held;
  2. To assist in encouraging members of the public to become members of the Foundation;
  3. To be aware of the financial constraints of The HFJ and to ensure that supplies are not wasted and that before ordering supplies the best price is obtained;
  4. To assist in any duties required which may be outside of your usual work area but which are of benefit to the Foundation;
  5. To assist and get involved in the social activities of the Foundation (usually spearheaded by the Social Committee);
  6. To perform any other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

Education and Experience

  • First degree in Health Science or Dietetics and Nutrition any other related degree
  • Diploma or Certificate in Teaching or Training and Marketing would be an asset;
  • At least two (2) years’ working in any of the above mentioned disciplines.


Knowledge, Skills and abilities

  • Computer skills and knowledge of relevant software;
  • Good oral and written communications skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team;
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills;


Personal Attributes  

Meticulous                              Thorough                                                                    Responsible                             Accurate

Sociable                                   Mature

Flexible                                   Honest

Creative                                   Teamwork

Adaptable                                Reliable

Customer service orientation

Hours of Work: Monday to Thursday –  8:00am to 5:00pm

Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm

May need to work on weekends, extra hours some evenings and on some public holidays

Work Environment: Office, classrooms, auditoriums, community centers and any other similar facilities.


Physical Demand: Travel to rural communities, working beyond normal working hours from time to time


Deadline: December 10, 2021



JOB TITLE                      : H.R Officer

REPORTING TO            : Chief Administrative Officer

RELATIONSHIPS           : Internal

All staff



Personnel of the Ministry of Labour

Personnel of Insurance Companies

Suppliers of goods and services


The H.R/Internal Communication Officer contributes to the accomplishment of Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.

S/he helps with the implementation of services, policies, and programmes and assists the Foundation’s managers or supervisors with H/R issues ensuring compliance to regulatory matters regarding employees.

S/he manages the HFJ’s internal communications programmes, ensuring that employees are informed and engaged through regular and effective communications, which are relevant and timely.

S/he must develop an understanding of the company’s goals and values and build commitment to success.


Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Arrange, and conduct job interviews as required
  • Review and monitor Performance Management System
  • Ensure effective orientation and induction of new employees
  • Assist with employee relations
  • Update/maintain daily staff register
  • Update/reconcile staff vacation schedule
  • Prepare I.D.s for new staff
  • Prepare job references/employment letters for current and former employees
  • Maintain/update staff handbook
  • Source/procure staff uniform-liaise with tailor/seamstress/suppliers
  • Prepare and place career advertisements
  • Undertake reference checks for new employees
  • Conduct exit interview and plan and coordinate farewell functions as applicable
  • Assist in developing an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, and high performance
  • Assist in compensation and benefits administration (including negotiating the best deals for staff with respect to health benefits, in particular)
  • Maintain employee files and the HR filing system; Maintain/update staff database
  • Assist in managing the administration of the human resources policies, procedures and programmes.
  • Assist in organizational and space planning
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory concerns and reporting- e.g. occupational safety and health regulations
  • Maintain records of HFJ’s AHA Instructors
  • Maintain records of recertification of professional – nurse, doctors, nutritionists, counselors etc
  • Maintain internal directory of extensions.



Volunteers & Summer Internships

  • Review of applications from individuals and organizations
  • Orientation of volunteers and interns
  • Placement internally in collaboration with heads of department
  • Monitoring performance and reporting to sponsoring agencies
  • Coordinating completion of assessment forms.

Internal Communication Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain internal communications strategy
  • Manage internal communications channels; (email, text messaging)
  • Advise executives and managers on their role in effective internal communication
  • Present key organizational messages/policies via internal communications channels
  • Keep staff up to date with key information about the company, key projects, training opportunities/events
  • Keep the management team and employees informed on issues that affect performance in the workplace
  • Keep staff at all levels informed on positive developments at the HFJ and build a greater understanding of the goals of the HFJ
  • Motivate staff to actively support the organization’s goals and activities
  • Prepare and circulate HFJ activities schedule (beginning of the year)
  • Ensure that staff understands the role they play within the team, the company and the delivery of strategy and plans.



Other Duties

  1. To participate in all fundraising events put on by The Heart Foundation of Jamaica regardless of the time/day they are held and in other activities as assigned
  2. To assist in encouraging members of the public to become members of the Foundation
  3. To be aware of the financial constraints of the Foundation and to ensure that supplies are not wasted and that before ordering supplies the best price is obtained
  4. To assist in any duties required which may be outside of your usual work area but which are of benefit to the Foundation
  5. To assist and get involved in the social activities of the Foundation (usually spearheaded by the Social Committee)
  6. To perform any other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience

The ideal candidate should hold at least a Degree in Human Resource Management, Communication Management and at least three (3) years working experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity.

S/he should have received specialized training in Jamaican Labour Laws.

S/he should be proficient in the use of computers- e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. E-mail, Internet.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must be highly organized, results-oriented and possess strong attention to details;
  • Promote a supportive work culture-e.g. be a team player and be proactive in responding to needs of staff;
  • Possess a high level of integrity, professionalism, resourcefulness, perseverance and commitment to service;
  • Demonstrate ability to manage time efficiently, multi-task effectively and exhibit strong leadership skills;
  • Able to work on own initiative, prioritize workload and manage multiple activities with competing deadlines
  • Have experience in developing and implementing internal communications strategies and measuring their effectiveness
  • Have the ability to advise managers/supervisors on internal communications challenges
  • Able to confidently work with all levels of the organization
  • Have strong diplomacy skills
  • Communicate effectively in both written and verbal form

Personal Attributes

Confidential               Meticulous

Thorough                     Pro-active

Responsible                 Accurate

Efficient                      Honest

Ethical                         Reliable

Sociable                       Mature




Hours of Work:                    Mondays through Thursday 8.00 a.m. a.m. to 5.00 p.m Fridays

                                                             8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., with additional hours to accomplish



Work Environment:             Mainly office environment.


Physical Demand:                 Light



Deadline: December 10, 2021

Job Title                       :           Sponsorship & Events Officer

Accountable to             :           Executive Director

Report to                      :           Senior Manager, Marketing & Business Development

Job Summary               :           The Sponsorship & Events Officer is responsible for

obtaining sponsorship for our various calendar events.  The position is also responsible for the coordination of those agreements and also to plan/ execute our HFJ’s events.




 Main Responsibilities- Sponsorship

  • To secure event sponsorship to achieve stretching income targets.
  • To develop high quality, commercially successful event sponsorship models, in line with the company’s ethical collaboration position.
  • Build and maintain strong external relationships with potential sponsors, corporate partners, and supporters.
  • Writing high quality external communications documents, including sponsorship marketing materials as required (working closely with the head of the department).
  • Ensure that all approaches to the corporate sector are tracked consistently, through effective use of a spreadsheet.
  • Ensure that The Heart Foundation of Jamaica’s reputation for is not compromised by sponsorship models.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


Main Responsibilities- Events

  • Plan/ execute all events.
  • Prepare events roster and ensure that the action the action plan is followed.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of marketing plans.
  • Perform other related duties as required.




The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Experience in all obtaining sponsorship
  • Strong networking skills.
  • Proven leadership and ability to complete tasks in a specified time frame.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Up to date with the latest trends and best practices in marketing, promotions and sponsorship.


The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Highly creative.
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy.
  • Very effective organizational skills.
  • Effective written and oral communications skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Is well informed of all organization’s activities.
  • Is positive and enthusiastic.


Personal Attributes

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality and professionalism in the execution of duties. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Be flexible.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics.



  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, or related discipline.
  • 2-5 years’ experience in marketing.


Deadline: December 10, 2021