Heart Saver CPR

  • Anyone with limited or no medical training who needs to learn First Aid
  • There is no prerequisite for this course
Course Content
  • First aid basics (Hand Washing, Glove Removal)
  • Medical Emergencies (Choking, Asthma, Heart  Attack, Fainting, Seizures, Diabetes)
  • Injury Emergencies  (External & Internal Bleeding, Nose Bleed, Amputation, Burns, Broken Bones, Splinting, Blanket Lift, Recovery Position,  Sprains, Tooth Injuries, Penetrating Objects)
  • Environmental Emergencies (Bites and Stings, Heath related emergencies, Hypothermia, Poison)
Course Format
  • One-day course
  • Video-based presentation
  • Instructor-led lectures
  • Instructor-led practice
  • Case scenarios
  • Written examination
  • American Heart Association Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion of the course. Participants must be competent in skills performed and must score a minimum of 80% on the 15 question multiple choice quiz. . The AHA certificate is valid for two years.
Student Material
  • AHA Heartsaver First Aid Student  Workbook