13 Dec

The Crystal Spring, Run for Your Heart 5k – Fact Sheet

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica, The Crystal Spring, Run for Your Heart 5k, 2k and Roun di track event in association with Running Events Jamaica will be held...
11 Oct
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PRESS RELEASE: Adults must help children avoid sugary drinks at home and at school

On  World  Obesity  Day,  the  Heart  Foundation  of  Jamaica  (HFJ),  the  Ministry  of  Health (MOH)  are  launching  a  new  phase  of ...
10 Sep
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According to a post campaign public opinion survey, nine in ten Jamaicans want swift government action to tackle the country’s obesity epidemic. Eighty-one...
8 Dec
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‘Stark’ increase in overweight youngsters

There is a "stark" increase between the ages of seven and 11 in the proportion of children in the UK who are overweight or obese, new data suggests. The study...
8 Dec
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Total ban on fast-food outlets within 400m of London schools, Mayor Sadiq Khan to announce

Fast-food takeaways will be banned from opening within 400 metres of schools in a bid to tackle the capital’s child obesity epidemic. In addition, all new...
8 Dec
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Children ‘bombarded by junk food’ ads on family shows

Children are seeing up to 12 adverts an hour for high-fat, high-sugar foods during primetime family TV programmes such as The Voice, research has...
22 Nov
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Are You Drinking Yourself Sick? – Heart Foundation, Health Ministry Launch Campaign To Tackle Obesity

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica last week launched its obesity prevention campaign, dubbed 'Are you drinking yourself sick?', to encourage Jamaicans to reduce...
17 Nov
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Mass Media Anti-Obesity Campaign To Warn Jamaicans About The Harms Of Sugary Drinks

(November 17th, 2017, Kingston, Jamaica and New York, USA) Vital Strategies congratulates the Government of Jamaica’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and The Heart...
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